St. Peter Lutheran Church

In 1902 St. Peter was organized at Grove Hill and dedicated on November 16.
In 1952 The Golden Jubilee was celebrated.
In 1955 the existing church building was relocated and expanded to its present site at Oran. This included the purchase of the old Zion Lutheran Church in Oelwein. The congregation spent from May 23 to May 27, 1955 tearing down Zion and moving the lumber and materials to Oran. The materials and windows were used to enlarge the newly located St. Peter. During 1955 volunteers donated 3100 labor hours for reconstruction. Another 1000 hours were volunteered in 1956 and that year marked the dedication of the newly remodeled church.
1977 marked the 75th anniversary and a large new entrance was added.
Another celebration was held in 1987 for the 85th anniversary.

Pastors who have served our congregation include:

The Cemetery

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